17 Affirmations For Kids

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  • Date: July 12, 2021
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Affirmations For Kids Child meditating

Modern children face many challenges, some of which we all know and have been around for years

but there are new challenges. New bullying methods that make our children more emotionally vulnerable are being used every day.

Children’s emotional health is very important, an unhappy child could turn into an unhappy or depressed teen. There has been a substantial increase in depression in teenagers. We need to equip our children with the tools they need to overcome the stresses and changes they will encounter.

Affirmations for kids are a wonderful tool and can be started with kids as young as four or five. They do not need to be able to read for you to do affirmations with them and work towards a stronger happier child.  If you need a few ideas for affirmations here are some to inspire you.

Affirmations For Kids

Here Are 17 Affirmations For Kids.

  • I am capable and confident
  • There is no one I would rather be than me
  • I will grow from my challenges
  • I will make mistakes and I forgive myself
  • Every problem I have has a solution
  • I know I am a wonderful kid
  • I am happy, I am healthy, I am intelligent
  • I am loved
  • I am beautiful
  • I will be kind to people, even if they are unkind
  • I won’t compare myself to others, I am good enough as me
  • I am an important person
  • My parents love and care for me
  • I have amazing friends
  • I will do amazing things today
  • I am a gift to my friends and family
  • I have great ideas
  • checkout more daily affirmations for kids by using our card set below

Whether You Choose

to use some of the above affirmations or create new exciting ones of your own make sure they are memorable and specific to your needs. Everyone could use a little more positivity in their lives no matter their age. Children are not immune to negativity and there are many negative influences. By introducing affirmations for kids some of the negativity can be expelled and positivity reinforced. 

A positive attitude will show in your children’s schoolwork, extra circular activities, and social life. Children that have self-love will make better choices, which is very important in adolescence.

When introducing affirmations to your child, let them choose their own affirmation. The one that they most relate to would probably work best for them. The affirmation should address any negative thoughts that they have about themselves. Some children would like to create their own affirmations, which is terrific. A little guidance is encouraged. You need to make sure that the affirmation is positive and memorable. If you have a younger child you should spend five to ten minutes with your child encouraging them to keep repeating the affirmation. If it is possible your child or children should try and practice the affirmations three times a day. This way any negative thoughts that have crept in during the day can be kept at bay.

We all want our children to be happy and healthy. By encouraging positive thoughts your child will not only be happier they may actually be healthier both physically and mentally.

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