Six of Swords Tarot Meaning & Understanding

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  • Date: August 12, 2021
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Six of Swords Meaning:

When this tarot card shows up in your reading, it could be telling you to accept that things won’t always be perfect and that sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

The six of swords can also indicate the need for emotional healing and letting go of the past so that you can make room for something new in your life.

Six of Swords Meaning: There might be some heavy changes happening in your life right now, which is why this card has appeared in your Tarot reading. You could find yourself going through hardship after hardship with no relief in sight.

It’s important not to dwell on your negative situation because you won’t see things clearly under all that pressure; instead, try to focus on taking one moment at a time until you can come out on top! The Six of Swords represents taking action when everything

Upright Six of Swords :

When the card is upright, it can mean being patient. You may feel like things are stalled or stuck in a rut, but if you give it some time and allow yourself to adjust, your life will start to get back on track as normal once again.

The Six of Swords also indicates that you’re feeling scattered right now. It could be caused by stress or overwork; however, this won’t help your situation at all because instead of accomplishing everything you need to tackle, maybe just the opposite will occur.

So try not to feel overwhelmed and remember that only a few steps ahead lies happiness and satisfaction when we make an effort.

Reversed Six Of Swords:

The reversed Six of swords can indicate that you need to stop holding back. What were you waiting for? In some situations, it’s important to take action even if there’s no guarantee it’ll work out.  Don’t be afraid!

This card also represents a change in your life where you may feel like things are being taken from you or pulled away; however, the change is for the best as it will help elevate your situation and happiness in the long run.

Six Of Swords Career Meaning – Upright

The Six of Swords in a career reading shows that you are pushing yourself to your limits, which is why it’s time to take some time off. You will feel more energized and refreshed after the break so you can get back into working order.

Six Of Swords Career Meaning – Reversed

When this card appears reversed, it could mean that the workload has gone out of control or perhaps your job isn’t meeting your expectations and you’re looking for something new.

Negative Aspect:  

The negatives of six swords indicate emotional distress stemming from wounds suffered in the past. He/she may be holding onto old grievances or grief due to negative patterns developed prior to adulthood (childhood). These “wounds” need to be healed, as they hold one back from leading a successful life.

Six Of Swords Career Meaning – Reversed:

This card can indicate to you that you need to stop dwelling on the past. You might be wishing for a different job or one that pays better, but focusing on the negatives will not help you move forward.

Make a list of the pros and cons of your situation and think about why this job suits you well enough; otherwise, it’s time for exploration! You haven’t even scratched the surface yet with what opportunities are out there in today’s world regarding careers.

Six Of Swords Love Meaning – Reversed:

If the Six of Swords shows up reversed in a love reading, it could mean that you’re feeling insecure about your relationships. You aren’t sure if your partner wants to be with you or has other intentions on the side.

However, this is not all bad news because this means that you are actually aware of what is going on; so don’t keep everything bottled up! You and your partner might have some issues to work out because communication is key in any relationship, but as long as you remain honest and always talk through things instead of keeping secrets, then surely there will be no problems for too long.

Six Of Swords Love Meaning – Upright:

The Six of Swords is a card that indicates that you are in a relationship with someone who understands your needs and has compassion. You might feel like some issues crop up from time to time, but as long as there is an open line of communication between the both of you, don’t let this turn into something bigger than it actually is!

Six Of Swords Spiritually:  

The Six of Swords can indicate a person who is very walled off, emotionally and physically. They have managed to put up so many barriers that they are now completely isolated from the rest of the world because they’re afraid that someone might hurt them.

They feel like only people who are in their inner circle (close friends or family) understand what they’re going through; however, it’s time for them to expand their horizons!

This card signifies a person who has closed himself/herself off from others in an effort to prevent suffering and heartache, but this is not really happening because you end up feeling more alone by doing this. You may be so far away from everyone else that it is difficult for you to find peace in your own mind.

Six Of Swords Health:  

The Six of Swords appears in a reading when there might be long-term health issues for someone. You may be extremely worried because you cannot find any answers to your health problems, or perhaps you feel completely hopeless and very frustrated, which is not helpful.

This card indicates that an illness has been going on for quite some time now due to stress and anxiety, so the best thing that you can do is just to try and take care of yourself the best way that you can! Don’t push yourself too hard because this will only aggravate things even more. Go easy at first so it will become easier with time. And finally: maintain good relations with those around you, as they love and support you unconditionally.

Present Events:  

The Six of Swords here may indicate that you need to get away from all the chaos and madness going on around you. By doing some quiet reflection (such as meditation, yoga, or perhaps a short vacation), you can find your inner peace and independence once again.

Past Events:  

The Six of Swords in this position means that you had a very hard time moving on after a breakup. However, you eventually found comfort within yourself and now feel strong enough to move forward with your life.

Future Events:  

 The Six of Swords in this position means that if you’re ever going through a time of uncertainty, then everything will work out for the best. You might feel as though you are on your own, but remember that everyone has problems and goes through challenges. Don’t let this stop you from trying to find happiness!

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