Three Of Swords Tarot Meaning & Understanding

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  • Date: August 11, 2021
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Three Of Swords Tarot Card Meanings:

When The Three of Swords card appears in a Tarot reading it means that you are feeling neglected and being rejected by others. You might not feel good enough or attractive and that low self-confidence is holding you back from making progress at work and in relationships. 

It could mean your partner is cheating on you or to keep an eye out for someone else who might be interested as they may not be what they seem. This card can also indicate that there will soon be a sudden argument or quarrel with a friend which could get ugly causing some distress and pain.

Upright Three of Wands Meaning:

This card is one of the more difficult cards to deal with because it comes up when you are supposed to be having a fun time, partying, or socializing. Whether it’s a party, bar, or club you will be feeling left out and underappreciated as you think that no one is talking to you because they are too busy enjoying themselves.

The Three of Swords comes up when there is a problem or dispute with regards to family, friends, or indeed work colleagues which leaves you feeling upset and somewhat depressed at the misery of it all.

This card signifies loneliness and/or betrayal where someone has used your friendship for their own benefit, grief over the loss of something important such as career advancement, money, house or car, etc.

A broken heart from a relationship breakup may also appear in reading if this card appears upright for you; leaving you unable to trust anyone enough to get close again. You may also feel that the one you love has been unfaithful and there is no relationship to save.

Three of Wands Reversed Meaning:

The Three of swords reversed indicates someone who needs rescuing which usually means a friend in need, especially if it’s a Tarot reading for them; they have more than likely got themselves into trouble.

The card reversal can also mean that you will be on the receiving end of some bad news from either your boss or from an old friend.  It could point out to a court case, lawsuit quarrels with co-workers/employer, or legal disputes among family members who might not agree about how assets are divided following the death of a loved one, etc. 

This card also signifies broken relationships or an argument with a partner or spouse which can result in separation or divorce.

The Three of Wands reversed could also mean that you will be going through a period of hardship and loneliness as this card suggests that lying, cheating, stealing and betrayal are occurring somewhere close to you.

You might feel undervalued or unappreciated at the workplace which results in low self-esteem leaving you feeling depressed and dejected about your future prospects.

This card tells us that honesty is not the best policy if we plan on moving forward. There is always someone out there who will take advantage of our kindness so it’s best to stay alert when dealing with others.

Three of Wands Career Meaning – Upright:

Positive people surround you at work and things are going well on the career front. You will enjoy being surrounded by those who share common goals and are loyal to each other’s success which will help you move forward in your line of work.

You might have a positive growth spurt or be promoted to a better position with opportunities for greater responsibilities, promotions, higher pay, etc.

 There is an element of luck involved when this card comes up as it will open new doors for you financially and perhaps put more responsibility upon your shoulders because now you have more workers reporting to you than there were before.  So if this card comes up in a reading for someone, ask them if they feel that their workload has increased greatly in the past few months.

Three of Wands Career Meaning – Reversed:

This card meaning reversed indicates that someone around you may be making plans to stab you in the back, steal your ideas, or take credit for something that is yours.  Sometimes this card reversal can mean a conflict at work when it appears in a Tarot reading; there may be some office gossip occurring and everyone accusing one another of being the guilty party.

Three of Wands Love Meaning – Upright:

The upright Three of Swords could suggest a man falling in love for the first time with a woman who has caught his eye.  She will probably have an interest in art, theater culture, or poetry which is something he finds attractive because she shares similar interests as him but not necessarily an equal amount of knowledge.

There are also spiritual beliefs tied into this card as well.  This woman will have an interest in healing crystals, Tarot readings, and anything that is associated with the arts of the occult or spiritualism which again is something he finds attractive because it makes him feel safe to be around someone who shares his interests; they are both on the same level.

This has nothing to do with her being a phony but instead she’s smart enough to not judge him for his belief system or how he chooses to spend his free time by reading cards or astrology charts.

Three of Wands Love Meaning – Reversed:

When we see this card come up reversed in a love reading, we know that there may be some problems in a relationship at hand such as financial issues, cheating, lying, or even a partner who shows zero interest in you.  

This person may be thinking about ending the relationship or is just using you for money; they get what they want and then walk away when needed leaving you feeling used and unappreciated.

Three of Wands Spiritual Meaning – Upright:

The Three of Wands upright symbolizes wisdom, stability, peace, strength, courage, and inspiration to move forward with confidence. The Three of Wands represents an understanding that there will come a time when we need to stand firm on our own two feet for ourselves without the support of others around us.

This card signifies a time when we have chosen our destiny as individuals which may result in success because we can tap into our own inner strength to get the job done.

Three of Wands Spiritual Meaning – Reversed:

This card meaning reversed can suggest that there is an aspect of your life that is currently in a state of transition which could be causing you stress or confusion because it feels like nothing around you is making sense right now.  

The cards are telling us that we need to find our inner peace and calm ourselves down so we can make better decisions about where we want to go from here in life because at this point, everything seems balanced out with no direction and no purpose for being here on Earth; almost like being lost.

Three of Wands Health:

When the Three of Wands comes up in a reading for health, it can suggest that you may have some issues with your heart or circulatory systems such as high blood pressure or abnormal cholesterol.

 It could also mean that you are under a lot of stress right now at work because your boss is demanding more from you than he/she has ever done before and giving you very little time to complete these tasks.

Present Events:

The Three of Wands can also be a sign from Spirit that you have been working hard lately to get yourself out of debt and caught up on your bills but right now things may seem like they aren’t moving forward in a positive direction.  You need to go day by day because the universe is testing you right now to see if you are going to give up or if you will stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize.

Past Events:

The Three of Wands in a reading can suggest that you have been working hard to get up on your feet and establish yourself as an individual.  You were never given anything but instead had to work for it.  This card could also suggest that you have recently found love and are starting to plan a future with this person; however, they may be struggling financially so there will be some obstacles ahead.

Future Events:

The Three of Wands here may suggest that you are going to have a very busy year financially with some job promotions coming your way.  There will be times when people around you will try to persuade or even bribe you into doing something dishonest because they know how well this is working for you; therefore, you must stay focused on what’s important which can only help these close associates in the long run.

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