Three Of Wands Tarot Meaning & Understanding

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  • Date: August 11, 2021
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Three Of Wands Meaning:

The energy of this card is that you have to decide and be decisive. You can no longer play around or procrastinate. It’s time to face reality. Decide on what you really want in life and define the steps required to get it.

You have a choice between two paths. You can either delve deep into your issues or stay on the surface. The card represents something you will have to make an important decision, so you must choose wisely because there is no going back from this decision.

It means that you need to decide what path you want to pursue in life, and if any part of it excites you, then think about how things are progressing with your finances. It’s a huge step forward and time for immediate action once again.

Three Of Wands Reversed Meaning:

If we take up challenges that aren’t good for us, mistakes are bound to be made, resulting in setbacks in our careers and health. If your family asks you for a favor, and you agree to do it.

Then this is something that will have a positive impact on your career or business growth as well. On the other hand, if you take up responsibilities outside of your home, this may lead to issues in your career and family life. You need to be careful and not overdo things because too much responsibility can sometimes bring more harm than good.

One must make sense of one’s actions before they are taken so that all situations can be handled carefully. People who are specifically working on their motivation skills should seek guidance from someone who has experience with these kinds of issues to avoid further conflict and stress.

The number three represents energy and action, so one can expect to see the action taking place when it comes to Tarot three.

Upright Three Of Wands Meaning:

In the upright position, this card represents someone who is seeking a new path to follow. They are looking for adventure and passion in their lives and want to do something that they believe will make a positive impact.

This might be an individual with artistic talents or even one with spiritual inclinations. They may have been feeling stuck in a rut of some sort, but now there is renewed energy – motivation, which helps them proceed on their journey.

Another interpretation says that when The Three of Wands appears upright in a reading, it means good financial news. Things are really working out well financially at this point, and your financial goals can be achieved very soon if you continue on your current path patiently.

Three Of Wands Career Meaning – Upright:

This is the best card to see in a professional reading as it indicates success, excellent communication skills, and confidence in one’s work. This is especially true if this card also appears with The Two of Wands or Four of Wands in a reading.

With this card in the upright position, one has a better chance of getting their point across and persuading others to follow their lead.

It is also an indicator that some creative project or new career path is on its way. It may not be exactly what you have been working towards, but it’s a start and will serve as the foundation for future accomplishments.

Three Of Wands Career Meaning – Reversed:

If your reading shows that this card is in the reversed position, then it indicates a lack of motivation and confidence.

You may be doing something you do not really like or being forced into it rather than seeking a new career or business path because you are passionate about what you’re doing.

The number three is associated with action, so when there is a reversal on this card, one lacks motivation at work and could feel lethargic and unmotivated. They may even have anger management issues if they are specifically working on their business skills at this time.

A good suggestion for someone who has issues regarding motivation would be to seek out alternative ways of earning money, such as babysitting, dog walking, or any other form of work where creativity is not expected to be a major part of the job.

That way, they can save up some money and perhaps find the motivation to follow their true passion after some time has passed.

When this card appears in a reading for someone specifically working on improving their character, it indicates that their efforts are being wasted because they are not putting forth enough hard work and determination into what they’re currently doing.

They may be lazy or just going through the motions without any enthusiasm, which could explain why motivation is lacking in their life at this time. However, when one does finally get motivated, it usually leads to great results later on down the road.

Three Of Wands Love Meaning – Reversed:

If The Three of Wands turns up in a reading reversed, then one can expect to meet someone new or have an opportunity to get closer to someone you already know.

Be careful not to get involved too quickly, as this could lead to attachment and disappointment later down the road, especially if this is a quick fling that holds no real potential for anything else.

If you end up getting involved with someone new at this time, make sure your heart is open because if it isn’t, it could result in hurt feelings down the line.

Three Of Wands Love Meaning – Upright:

In regards to love, when The Three of Wands appears upright in a Tarot reading, it indicates passion and devotion.

One is usually true to their partner and follows their heart instead of logic or reason. This card also signifies a happy relationship that will not last forever, so enjoy it while it lasts.  

If this card appears in a reading for someone already in a committed relationship, it indicates that things are going very well between the two of you right now, and they’re really isn’t much else to be desired.

Three Of Wands Spiritually:

When The Three of Wands shows up in a reading spiritually, it indicates that one is ready to start operating with the next level of consciousness and maybe more connected to their intuition than ever before.

They are also a strong believer in taking action when it comes to decision-making because they need immediate results. They are not going to wait around for long periods of time for something to happen, they would rather take action and find out what happens as soon as possible, and if this approach has served them well, then there is no reason why it won’t continue too.  

If you have this card show up in your reading, then ask yourself whether you’re putting off taking steps towards your true spiritual goals because you want to wait around for someone else to do it for you.

Do you have plans you’re putting off because they don’t fit in with what others want? Or are there other external factors holding you back from taking action right now? If so, then this might be the time to start pursuing your dreams head-on and see where they lead.

  Use The Three of Wands as a reminder that if something is worth doing at all, it’s worth doing well now before any more time goes by.

Three Of Wands Health Meaning:

When The Three of Wands shows up in a health reading, it indicates that you have been neglecting your diet and don’t care what you put into your body over the past few weeks.

It is time to get back on track and eat healthy foods once again. This card also signifies a medical test like one would receive at a doctor’s office, which will probably result in positive results for whatever ailment or sickness you’ve been experiencing lately.  

Make sure to follow all instructions given by those taking care of you during this time because they know best what is best for your recovery right now.

 Use this card as an opportunity to reflect on how much more important your health actually is than any other hobby or past time you may be spending your precious free time on right now.  

Three Of Wands Career Meaning:

The Three of Wands turned up in a career reading usually indicates that someone will leave their job at the end of this month or year and choose to take a new position with another employer instead.

They feel will offer them more stability and growth opportunities than their present employer can provide them with.

Present Events:

The Three of Wands turned up in a reading for the present time indicates that you are supposed to be following your dreams.

It is okay not to follow any advice from your parents, loved ones, or anyone else but yourself. You don’t have to give in to pressure and do something you truly don’t want to do anymore.  

There is a lot on offer right now, so use The Three of Wands as a reminder that it’s okay to take more time before committing yourself fully to anything. What’s most important is enjoying everything life has to offer while it lasts because nothing stays forever, and one day all good things may cease, never too late at all!

Take advantage of what the universe offers you today while things are still looking good in your life and you’re still healthy enough to enjoy everything that has been given to you.

Past Events:

The Three of Wands turned up in a reading about past events indicates that you’ve done your best to make the path to success as clear for yourself as possible.

You’re fully aware of how much effort and resources are needed to be successful at what you do, but if you’re only planning on working a few years, then you may not see the big picture when it comes to long-term goals from now on.  

Use this card as a reminder that once we’ve figured out what our true dreams are and what we want most in life, we should approach them with caution and focus. We should not let go of something so easily because someone is telling us it’s wrong or against their standards.

Future Events:

The Three of Wands turned up in a reading for the future indicates that you will be working harder than ever before, and it’s probably going to feel like there is no end in sight.  

You may be struggling just to keep up with all your commitments and are likely feeling a sense of defeat after not meeting your own expectations for yourself.

The good news is that if you’re making enough effort, this card says that things should start turning around soon, so stay strong and keep persevering because eventually, those rewards will come back to you tenfold!

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