Six Of Wands Tarot Meaning & Understanding

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  • Date: August 12, 2021
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Six Of Wands Meaning:

This card shows a celebration that has just happened. They have finally overcome obstacles and have faced every roadblock as a team. There is music, dancing and lots of food. Everyone is having a great time celebrating their victory.

However, despite all the happiness they are feeling at this moment there will be another obstacle to face soon enough. This party won’t last forever.

This card tells me that I need to celebrate my victories even though nothing is perfect yet! When we have big goals in life, it’s easy to get caught up in what we haven’t accomplished rather than living in the present moment for everything we’ve already done!

A sense of victory and accomplishment may be felt at this time. You are able to bolster yourself for the next challenge. A celebration might be in order, as you have every right to revel in your success.

Six Of Wands Upright Tarot Meaning :

This card can indicate that you feel jaded. There is a sense of lassitude in your life and an apparent need to pull yourself together – pick yourself up by the bootstraps, as it were.

You may be experiencing feelings of guilt for not being productive enough. You also may be feeling somewhat unappreciated at this time – as if no one really cares about what you are doing or how hard you might be working to get things done. Perhaps you feel like nothing you do has any impact on anyone else?

A sense of victory and accomplishment may be felt at this time. You are able to bolster yourself for the next challenge. A celebration might be in order, as you have every right to revel in your success.

Reversed Six Of Wands:

It might be necessary to wait for the current cycle of events to play itself out. Attempting to speed things along would only create more problems and frustrations. You may need to seek counsel from someone who can offer you guidance in your current situation.

Somehow you will have to find a way to be patient with the unfolding events in your life. The Sixes of each suit (Cups, Swords, Pentacles, and Wands) represent the number 6 that is ruled by the planet Mercury: Communication in all its forms – both inner and outer.

This is a positive card generally speaking but some cards have negative meanings as well as positive ones depending on surrounding cards in Tarot spreads.

Six of Wands Career Meaning – Upright:

This could be a time of recognition for a job well done. You may also have the opportunity to negotiate extra perks at work, such as more vacation days or flexible hours. This is an excellent time to ask for raises and promotions.

Six Of Wands Career Meaning – Reversed:

This is not the time to ask for a raise or promotion. Your superiors may be feeling unsympathetic and unappreciative at this time, so you will get nowhere with your request. You may have difficulty communicating your ideas in a clear way during meetings, which could hamper efforts to brainstorm possible solutions to problems going forward.

Six Of Wands Love Meaning – Reversed:

This is a time when you may feel misunderstood in your relationship. You and your partner have differences of opinion that are causing tension between the two of you. Now may not be a great time to negotiate extra perks or benefits at home, as it won’t end well for either one of you. This might include flexible work hours or vacation days which were denied in recent weeks.

Six Of Wands Love Meaning – Upright:

This is kind of a ‘party’ card in the sense that you are enjoying the company of new people who are bringing exciting activities into your life.

You may find yourself attending wine-tasting or archery classes with others, perhaps even someone special. Enjoying social events will give you an opportunity to explore new hobbies and interests while having fun at the same time.

Six Of Wands Reversed Tarot Card: Sixes can sometimes represent delays, but more often they denote opportunities for assistance from outside sources – either those we’ve got coming our way or possibly offered to us by other people.

This card is generally considered a positive one, however, there may be some negatives depending on surrounding cards in the tarot spreads so use your intuition.

Six Of Wands Spiritually:

Sixes symbolize the number six that is ruled by Mercury, which represents communication in all its forms – both inner and outer.

They also represent balance, as reflected in this card’s image where two people are walking opposite one another on a tightrope.

There is the perfect balance between them which could be interpreted to mean they are spiritually balanced or have spiritual similarities (what some would call karma), but it could just as easily be saying that they are at odds with each other.

Six Of Wands Health:

You may not be eating the best foods this week, which can cause digestive issues for you. Take care to eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. You don’t need to go overboard at the grocery store, just make sure that some fresh produce makes it into your shopping cart from time to time.

Present Events:

The week ahead should bring opportunities for you to strengthen your prosperity consciousness. If you have been thinking about selling an item from your home, do so this week as it will be a good time and place to gain the most amount of profit from the sale.

Past Events:

You have experienced a loss in the past week and are having trouble coping with it. It may be time to make some changes to how you handle your finances if you have been struggling lately.

Future Events:

You will be meeting new people who can help bring balance and harmony into your life this week. They might even offer you assistance with a personal project or cause that is close to your heart at the moment.

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