Three Of Cups Tarot Meaning & Understanding

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  • Date: August 11, 2021
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Three Of Cups Meaning:

The Three of Cups Tarot depicts a very inspiring image in the “Learned Man,” dressed in blue and white. His clothing is covered with stars, and adorned on his left breast is the symbol of Venus, both recognized symbols for knowledge.

He brings two cups to an apparent female, much younger than himself, a youth that has yet to grasp such wisdom. The older man appears pleased to share his wisdom with her, though she appears oblivious or uninterested. Her attention is drawn away by another youth who makes himself known as Cupid at her shoulder, offering her wine from a cup.

The meaning of the Three Of Cups card is based upon its history – it holds some surprise discoveries revealed through unexplained events that may not be completely understood.  

The Three of Cups is known to be a card of celebration and can indicate the coming together of different social groups; thus, they would form one big group under this positive “social cup” influence, bringing about happiness or more blissful times that were not realized previously.

This card suggests everyone in the situation will play an active part in achieving a high sense of unity within themselves and others they may interact with. The feeling projected here is where every person involved gives off their own unique input to create a new brewing experience and have fun doing so.

There is a gathering and sharing of intimate emotions and thoughts, ideas, abilities, talents between people who feel comfortable enough to express themselves freely.

Upright Three Of Cups Meaning:

In the upright position, the Three Of Cups Tarot card suggests that harmony and cooperation will achieve many positive outcomes. Negative feelings and thoughts are to be left behind as everyone involved opens up their minds to a new experience.  

This is an opportunity for shared ideas which allow each person to contribute something of worth or even more creative approaches in what was once seen as unproductive situations.  

All of this comes about through events that may not have been previously anticipated or understood until now. Despite what we can see with our “physical eyes,” there are surprises that seem spontaneous but didn’t just happen by chance.

During this time, it’s important to pay close attention when sharing personal feelings to feel comfortable enough to openly discuss your inner thoughts and feelings that you may have been hesitant to share in the past.

A time when we can celebrate the coming together of new friendships and perhaps romantic encounters if this is where your intention lies.

Reversed Three Of Cups Meaning:

When a reversed card appears, it’s important to remember that its meaning will be opposite from an upright position Tarot card reading.

We see here the same picture seen with “Learned Man” dressed in blue and white within a crowd of young people; however, they all appear indifferent or apathetic towards what he has to offer them as they are too involved with each other’s company enjoying their mutual companionship without seemingly any regard for the older man.

This Tarot card meaning may appear to indicate that there will be a celebration of some sort. Still, in actuality, it’s not going to go very well because it all depends on how you will define celebration and whose definition then becomes important.  

If your idea is to get together with family or friends while sharing a good meal and having a meaningful conversation with them while laughing at one another’s jokes, then that would constitute a successful gathering.  

But if this idea involves drinking too much alcohol or smoking pot where everyone seems to be bored or even stoned out their minds, that would mean the party was unsuccessful, yet again depending upon your definition of what makes an event a success.

Three Of Cups Career Meaning – Upright:

This card is all about creative energy and the flow of expansive, positive, free-flowing ideas.

The Three of Cups in a reading represents an evolving situation that is moving along smoothly. The creativity present in your life is flowing like a river, and there may be several different options on the table for you to pursue.

You are likely to be presented with new opportunities that could mean traveling, socializing, or collaborating with others to make something happen.

This card can also represent spontaneous events or circumstances occurring in your life, such as meeting someone extraordinary, being invited to an event, or discovering a wonderful new place due to favorable weather.

Three Of Cups Career Meaning – Reversed:

The card’s meaning is still positive and represents the ideal situation you want to achieve, but there may be a blockage in your way that is causing some delay.

Perhaps you are too caught up with the idea of creating something amazing rather than actually doing it, or you have been so distracted by recent events that your creative energy has taken a back seat.

If this card appears reversed in a reading, it could mean that things need to calm down before any real progress can be made. Having too much on your plate can lead to burn-out, which will ultimately impede your ability to create something wonderful.

Try not to take on too many projects at once, as spreading yourself thin will likely lead to failure in all areas instead of just one.

Three Of Cups Love Meaning – Reversed:

The reversed card in a love reading indicates that you need to step back and get some perspective on the relationship.

It could be that you’re ignoring something in your partner, or it could mean that you are too demanding of them.

Three Of Cups Love Meaning – Upright:

 This card represents an exciting new relationship that will bring you a lot of happiness and joy.

The Three of Cups in a love reading indicates the possibility of meeting someone special at any moment. Whether it’s being introduced to someone through friends, running into them randomly, or participating in social gatherings, both you and your potential partner are open to meeting people throughout the course of your lives.

Having this card appear upright indicates that you have likely met your match if not already involved with them. This is often how Cup cards work, so look for more cups appearing in other positions during the spread as further validation.

Three Of Cups Spiritually:

This card represents the creative abundance of the highest order and indicates that you are in a place of inspiration.

You have something to offer the world or at least some aspect of it, and your ideas hold great value. If you spend most of your time creating new material, this is a great time to put it out there for others to enjoy.

Three Of Cups Health:

This card indicates that you may be overdoing it or taking on too much in your life.

Excess is the enemy of creativity, and the Three of Cups reversed tells you not to do everything at once and pace yourself.

Make sure you give yourself time for reflection, meditation, or even relaxation if needed because this card warns against pushing yourself too hard through excessive work or activity.

Present Events:

The Three of Cups upright is a wonderful card to have to appear in a present event reading. It’s telling you there is an abundance of creative energy flowing through you and the universe at this moment.

You must be pursuing some aspect of your craft, art, or current projects with gusto, as everything is falling into place easily and naturally for you right now.  This may mean that even if something doesn’t work out today, it could still lead to greater opportunities later on down the road.

Past Events:

Three Of Cups in the past position signifies a time in your life when you were overflowing with creative energy. It represents an abundance of imaginative ideas that flourished into many wonderful works of art.

This card could also indicate that there was a person in your life at this time who was supportive and encouraging of your endeavors. If this is the case, try to hold on to those feelings as they will likely come up again during other important times in your life. Future Events:

Three Of Cups appearing in the future position signifies that there will be new opportunities for romance or creativity coming into play soon. You should look for signs from above as to how best to attack these new opportunities and what direction you should take them.

Future Events:

If this card appears in the future position, it may be someone new to you or could even be an aspect of yourself that has been dormant.

You need to pay attention as they are likely a gift from the universe and can lead to many wonderful creative endeavors.

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