Nine Of Swords Tarot Meaning

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Nine Of Swords

 Nine Of Swords Description 

This card depicts nine swords impaling nine different people. The nine figures are arranged in three rows of three figures, with each row adhering to the same format: one figure standing up straight and two kneeling behind him. All nine figures have their arms by their sides and appear to be totally submissive. What is interesting about this card is that the nine figures all appear to be different from one another. The nine figures on the left have darker skin tones and are dressed in various types of robes, while the nine people on the right side have lighter-toned skin color and dress in full suits of armor. Something about this card is a bit confusing; while it is obvious that nine people are standing up and nine kneelings, it appears to be nine people being tortured by nine swords.

This card is very passive when compared to most other Tarot cards. It depicts nine figures who are not doing anything; while each of the nine submissive characters has a sword impaling his body, none try to resist or get away. They accept their fates as they stare blankly into the distance with dead looks in their eyes. Their expressions show no sign of pain whatsoever even though the swords are piercing their bodies, which means that whatever fate they are about to face will likely be even worse than having nine swords pinned through one’s body.

Upright Nine of the swords

The 9 swords suggest that you have dark thoughts or disturbing feelings in your mind. You worry about a situation too much. The more associated we are with our fears and your fears, the more they affect our lives. Inquire about the worst-case scenario as you obsess more about the worst-case scenario. Your worries may worsen if you think about and obsess about the worst-case scenarios. Now is the time for a fresh start. Instead of looking for what went wrong, concentrate your attention on what goes right. In a passage of the nine swords that occurs, it’s time to seek advice. Knowledge is power, and with nine of the swords, you need all the power you can get.

Reversed Nine of the swords

The nine swords reversed suggest that you worry too much. You haven’t been able to think straight, and your unproductive worrying furthers the problem. Is it possible that you’re repeating the same mistakes? Or are you denying a situation that is happening in front of you? The nine reversed suggests that you should be more aware than what has happened to others because, unfortunately, nine times out of ten, the future will repeat itself if there’s no change in actions or behavior.

In nine tarot cards, misplaced guilt may cause us to do something we will regret later on.  These people believe they are responsible for another person’s problems; this causes repeated anxiety and a sense of helplessness. We keep asking ourselves, ‘what can we do ?’ when there’s nothing we can do. We are letting our minds carry us away to a place where the nine swords say that we have no control over something.

The nine swords reversed apparatus when you’re fearful. That means that fear can block out your greatest potential. Eliminate your limiting beliefs about yourself from your fears. You may need to focus on reducing negative self-talk and regenerating it with good reinforcement. On a positive note, the reversed indicates that you work through a period of worry and depression and make a recovery. You may have realized that they weren’t so bad as you assumed you were. You’re now starting to calm down.

The Nine of Swords Upright: Positive Meanings

The nine of swords upright suggests that nine tells you to watch out for your thoughts. If they’re negative, nine tells you that it’s time to stop and change them into something more positive. Perhaps we can take a cue from the nine of swords reversed meaning and work on eliminating our fear or worries by changing them with good thoughts through the power of positive thinking.?

In nine tarot cards, if you ever get stuck in a situation and let your mind run away with itself, try to step back and think about what is actually happening right now versus what might happen later down the road (even though nine often frustrates us).  Have faith in yourself instead of nine of swords tarot, meaning worrying. Also, nine of swords upright reminds you not to take things personally in nine cards, and nine of the swords is basically about not taking any situation too seriously. Nine tells us that we need to learn how to let go or do so in nine sword interpretation.

A standing card represents a decrement in psychological space that will negatively affect our well-being. You may have experience haunting things. You have been reliving the difficult events to determine how you would have gotten them to have happened or prevented them from altogether. It would help if you remembered that you obsess over anything that you cannot change. Your efforts if you move beyond these happenings and not paring the event apart and reliving it all the way all over could be better.

Career Meaning – Upright 9 of Swords

Nine swords in nine cards tell you that nine swords mean career problems. You’re experiencing a difficult nine and nine tarot card meaning for nine working environments.  You can’t seem to get nine of the sword meanings out of your head, making it difficult for you to concentrate on other things. Nine may want you to take a vacation nine symbols, even though this might not be feasible at the moment if nine represents an employer.

It could also represent a decision-making situation or lack thereof with nine interpretations of the tarot nine reversed meaning involving what’s best for your career versus what makes you happy personally. Emotions will play a part in this nine knight card situation but try not to let them.

Sometimes the card also points to paranoia, but things are not so bad. If the stress is external, you should take concrete action. Internal shifts can be required, and you may need help from a professional or trusted friend to make you more objective. You might burn out if you go without stopping doing any things that change your life. Find another job or change your career path. You may need to learn how to think. In addition, professional help is recommended.

Career Meaning – Reversed 9 of Swords

The nine of swords nine reversed meaning can be linked to nine anxiety. You feel like nine is hammering on your head, so many things get in the way of your work performance, and nine interpretations of nine reversed tarot cards mean that you’re not sleeping nine knight cards well as a result. Nine reminds us not to take our careers too seriously because it may cause stress, burnout, or even depression (which makes it hard to think clearly). Nine knights invocations need to learn how to distinguish between what is truly important and what isn’t when facing career problems.

To nine of the sword, meaning know what is not worth nine knight cards worrying about so you can keep your business running smoothly. Nine of swords nine reversed tarot cards may be telling nine meanings that nine of your friends or family members are unhappy with some aspect of your nine and nine swords reversed meaning in life (or nine reversed), and they see this as a nine of the sword meanings for them in their own personal lives.

Problems are something that can begin or get worse. Your negativity at work has been waning toward more colorful days. Or perhaps the situation has collapsed and worsened. You might be really tired from stress and unable to get to work. To learn more about these cards, look through other people’s tarot cards. To solve a situation, you just had to create some changes to your thinking and behavior.

Tarot Love Meaning – Upright 9 of Swords

9 Tarot – Swords love meaning. These cards often show a belief that your fears are not as terrible as they look in your head. You may feel a little guilty of guilt with yourself or for your partner or remorse in general. When in the past, your relationship with somebody or something else has brought remorse, sorrow, and regret. These feelings can be worked through before you leaving another one. Depending upon how you understand yourself, you may need to think about whether these feelings are truly rational, or you might discover that in an effort, you open your eyes that you can solve these problems with one more card.

It carries nine swords, nine meanings, and nine symbols that make up the situation you are in right now. The upright nine majors indicate there is something negative in your love life, but nine knight cards tell us that just because the situation is negative doesn’t mean the outcome can be the same. This relationship means nine feelings of pain, as in suffering from depression or a broken heart.

Tarot love meaning reversed 9 of the swords

You might be ready to admit the truth with the reversed 9 of Swords tarot meaning. When you have been quietly suffering, it’s honest with the other person that can give you the release they need. Sometimes the weight of one’s anxieties comes alone. If you support yourself, your partner can help you get the confidence you need. Through discussion, you will learn that things aren’t as bad as what had left you in shock. If you’re single, it may be worth taking a look into yourself.

You may be nine months nine meanings into a relationship, and nine knight cards give you nine meanings that it’s time for a break. It’s fine if you need to separate from the person nine knights the sword meanings because nine reversed tells us that you have been telling yourself all along that there were some things wrong with the relationship. Nine tarot love meaning can help you clear your head, so nine gives you clarity on what is happening in this situation. You also are being reminded that sometimes when somebody else points out something negative (in your eyes) about nine swords, meaning, they might really be trying to tell who means well even though it feels like they’re criticizing everything about your life and nine knight cards nine meanings.

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